Light pressure to promote circulation & relaxation. This massage will reduce stress-related issues and enhance overall well-being.

30 minutes $35

60 minutes $55

90 MINUTES $85

Deep Tissue:

Deeper pressure directly on specific areas to break up and eliminate scar tissue, chronic muscle pain and for persons with limited mobility due to exercise, overuse or repetitive stress disorders.

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $65

Medical Massage:

Treatment of specifically diagnosed conditions using various modalities and usually under the direction of a physician or Physical Therapist.

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60 minute

Insurance coverage oR $75

manual lymphatic drainage:

This massage is used to stimulate lymphatic vessels and improve lymphatic uptake and flow to maintain a normal fluid balance.  Excellent for Cancer Patients or those with edema or circulatory issues.

60 minutes $65


A massage that helps with the added muscle strain and stress of pregnancy. Special mats are used to enable Moms-to-be to feel comfortable and relax.

60 minutes $70

Hot Stone:

Warm stones are placed on significant areas of the body and used with regular massage techniques. The heat directly affects the relaxation of the muscles, allowing for better intensity.

60 minutes $70


Focusing mainly on the feet. It facilitates the reflex points to promote well-being of the overall body.

45 minutes $40

reiki massage:

Combining both REIKI and MASSAGE, which are systems of natural healing that focus on body energy and relaxing muscles to increase oxygen and blood flow to enhance the total treatment.

90 minutes $85