Our Story

Our Story

Fountain Springs Wellness Spa began with Meggan Pirozzi’s vision to open a small business for herself so that she could do what she does best, Esthetics.  She approached Raeleen Mills, who was a master in her trade of Massage and also currently looking to expand her business as well.

Raeleen and Meggan previously worked together and knew and trusted each other and respected the high quality of each other’s services.  They decided to collaborate to open a small spa in Parkesburg. They wanted to round out their vision of a “wellness” spa with a Health Coach that would assist in the holistic vision and the spa’s ultimate tag line, “Where the care goes beyond skin deep.” Laurel Carnie was a long time client of Raeleen’s and they had built a trusting friendship and mutual respect along the way as well.

When Raeleen approached Laurel with coming on board, she jumped at the opportunity. The three women then set out on a journey to create a serene sanctuary for their clients.  Their mission was to create a safe, fun, affordable place for people to build community and pamper their body, mind, and spirit.  The women were intrigued by the town’s history and wanted to incorporate it into the name of their spa.  Looking into the towns previous names, they got mixed information about it being called Fountain Inn and/or Crystal Springs, many years ago.

After tossing these names to the wind, the ‘Fountain Springs Wellness Spa’ came raining down, and the name just felt right! The three women moved forward with the construction of their spa, renovating a space on Main Street, owned by Meggan and her husband.  Laurel’s husband also helped with the construction to realize the owners’ vision. They have slowly been growing their services ever since, to include Ancient Healing Arts such as Reiki and Yoga.

They have expanded their staff and have visions of expanding their space and services even further in the future.  Fountain Springs Wellness Spa is an active member of PABA (Parkesburg Business Area Association) and thrives on participating in the growth of its community.  Fountain Springs actively contributes to local charities and nonprofit organizations and also holds a number of events within their spa solely for the sake of fun and community building.

Fountain Spring Wellness Spa has been owned and operated by Meggan, Raeleen, and Laurel since November 2013 and they owe all their success and growth to their mutual respect for one another, their amazing community support, and most importantly to their invaluable clientele. They are extremely grateful.